Fine Woodworking by Wayne Walma--Art Quilts by Pam J. Beal in Mass City, Michigan.

Owner-member Artistree Gallery Cooperative, Land O' Lakes WI

Also represented by the Downtown Art Place, Ironwood MI

Bodacious Green at Artistree Gallery

Just delivered to Artistree Gallery...the Bodacious Green White Pine slab table by Wayne Walma. This table is in Wayne's sophisticated rustic style in which he works with the whole tree.  Note that the lines of this table reflect the natural characteristics of the tree.  The White Pine was harvested from our 40 acre woods.  White Pine is a soft wood that, with use, achieves a golden honey color patina. The knots are susceptible to bleeding (think sap) when exposed to higher than normal temperature. Therefore, this table is not destined for strong, direct sunlight.  Do appreciate the patina and richness as the wood ages and gathers nicks and bruises that come with human interaction.

"Bodacious Green" 52" L x 21"W x 29" H
White Pine and Milk Paint
The Fourth of July Farm by Pam, & a jaunty Sunflower art quilt by Toni Bergeon graces the tabletop.  The center of the sunflower is beaded by hand!

We were amused to receive our copy of American Craft, the publication of The American Craft Council, with "Bodacious Bespoke Bikes" inside the issue.  Looks like Wayne is not the only one working in a bodacious manner.

What to do on a "Fall" day in July

Fifty three degrees this morning, a rainy drizzly day-good day to saw into a cherry burl.  It's always just like Christmas, you never know what you get until it's open.  This one looks like a keeper.  Now a year wait while it air dries and then it may tell me what it wants to be.   Lots of potential in this one.

Also a good day to glue up a frame that has been waiting for a long time.  My attempt to design a miter joint other than the traditional straight diagonal corners.  The experiment hopefully will give the frame some pizzazz and will provide a template for some liberated quilting.  Watch this space.

From the Workshop

Wayne presents another new piece to be offered at Artistree Gallery Cooperative.  Notice the interesting corner joints of the frame.  Guided by the grain of the wood, free form cuts with the saw makes interesting lines in this piece.  Milk paint adds a splash of color.
Abstract Image #71
22" W x 18 1/2" H

New Art with a Bang

Three new pieces debuting on the Fourth of July at Artistree Gallery in Land O' Lakes, WI.  See if you notice any themes.  
Fourth of July Farm 10" H x 9 1/2" W
A nice Wisconsin Farm.  Cotton & Walnut 

Knee High (by the 4th of July) 10 1/2" H x 9 1/2" W
How sweet it is!  Cotton & Tiger Maple

Fireworks Overhead 20 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W
Bang, Ohhhhh. Cotton & Hand Quilting
Pam will be working at Artistree on the Fourth.  See these new pieces and the beautiful work of our colleagues at the gallery.  Have a safe and happy holiday!