Fine Woodworking by Wayne Walma--Art Quilts by Pam J. Beal in Mass City, Michigan.

Owner-member Artistree Gallery Cooperative, Land O' Lakes WI

Also represented by the Downtown Art Place, Ironwood MI

Now Open-Reflections & Material Images

It rained really hard all the way down to Three Lakes. Within three miles of Three Lakes, the sky brightened, the pavement was dry, and suddenly, it was our lucky day. Art center staff Jim, Ann and Carol helped us to unload all the while keeping an eye on the sky. All worked diligently for the next three hours.  With Carol's artistic guidance, Reflections and Material Images began to take shape on the walls and pedestals of the Three Lakes Center for the Arts.  Pam attended to the paperwork details, while Wayne was the hold-up, as in holding it up for placement.  Jim and Ann offered expert opinion throughout. The reward was ice cream at Lickety Splits.

The Three Lakes arts community offered a warm welcome. We are impressed with their energy and activities.  We are looking forward to the article in the Villas County News Review written by Gay Scheffen.    

Reflections and Material Images will be on display through September TLCFA.org
See if there is a show or activity you can attend and don't forget the ice cream next door.