Fine Woodworking by Wayne Walma--Art Quilts by Pam J. Beal in Mass City, Michigan.

Owner-member Artistree Gallery Cooperative, Land O' Lakes WI

Also represented by the Downtown Art Place, Ironwood MI


Phyllis Schuit--Pam Beal--Wayne Walma

PHYLLIS: I have embroidered on and off all my life. Age, more confidence in my artistic nature, and the support of Artistree Gallery has inspired me to take my embroidery to another, more original and creative level. Now I look for inspiration in nature, draw it and paint it with embroidery threads. Because the embroidered piece needed a frame to accentuate it's craft and creativity, I asked Wayne and Pam to complete it. The collaboration has enhanced my tree beyond my expectations.

PAM:  Phyllis has accomplished exquisite embroidery, and the use and blending of color is artful. The leafless tree appeared to be in waiting for what will come, and my imagination turned to the dramatic presentation of the four seasons in the northwoods. Adding quilting stitches and a border to accent the tree planted in center stage would be enough. Quilters have engaged in a practice called a "Round Robin" in which one person completed a center, and subsequent "rounds" of borders were completed by others. Our effort with this tree is reminiscent of that practice.

WAYNE:  I wanted a modest frame that would not detract from the embroidery and the piecing/quilting. Quarter sawn white oak was chosen with minimal figure and ray fleck. I placed the work toward the front of the frame to allow light to accent the texture of the fiber art.

Available at Artistree Gallery Cooperative in Land O' Lakes, WI